A Morning with the Prince at Paisley Park

Travelers I encounter during my adventures usually have one of two reactions when I say I’m from Minnesota. They have no idea where it’s located or they know everything in Minnesota that’s “worth” mentioning. Obviously, I’m offended by both because it’s a beautifully scenic and underappreciated state. I do understand how people can gloss over it though; looking at  the United States of America, every state has it’s unique “thing” that makes it memorable. Minnesota’s “thing” is as obvious as its slogan: The Land of 10,000 Lakes.” The water features are a scene to behold but they aren’t the only notable feat. A star born and raised in Minneapolis eventually left his inspiring story in his Chanhassen palace where the world mourned his departure from earth. Leaving his legacy to stand where he performed, Prince was a unique entertainer that will be discussed for ages to come. As if being a gifted musician wasn’t enough, he also designed his own fashion and it spoke volumes. I’m sad to admit I wasn’t able to see his fashion studio in person but I did get to tour Paisley Park, Prince’s last residence before death in 2016. For someone that was one hundred percent himself, it was easy to see that Prince put himself into every part of the building. The paintings, studios, meditation space, and lounges were all built to Prince’s taste and particular quirks. It was humbling walking the halls where Prince created some of his most treasured works. I want to share the Ultimate Experience tour with you in the blog below. Watch the video to see featured footage from our morning with Prince as well as a full show in his honor at Paisley Park.

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  • A Morning with the Prince at Paisley Park

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